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1. cruising under stars

Carbondale, Colorado


So, where is "thirty"? It is where I am right now in my life and where I am going. And it is the number of places and experiences I will be sharing with you over the next couple months.
If you don't know what "ardent" means, I am going to tell you because it is a rather important. Lately, I have been feeling passionate, eager, thirsty, and enthusiastic, longing to experience all I can, but at the same time desiring to find myself devoted and focused on my passions and loyal to one place. Ardent is one of the best words I could think of to encompass all of this.
This whole trip started with a desire to go somewhere with friends to celebrate my 30th birthday and just kind of morphed into a several month venture for me. The timing is horrible and perfect. I have no money and no reliable transportation, but I find myself in the middle of a transition that this trip was meant for.
Now, let's get to the cruising under the stars...
It was the perfect night to begin my ardent venture and full of moments I will never forget. I hardly took any pictures (strange),but I think it was meant to be that way. It was something I was supposed to experience with my heart and not my camera lens. There was a beautiful drive. There were hugs from wonderful people I haven't seen for a couple years. There was peach crisp in dixie cups. There were tons of people to meet and great conversations. There was the shotski. There was dancing. There were the emotions of moving. And there was a moment that will stick with me for a long time...
The sky is clear and full of more stars than I have seen for quite some time. It is sometime around midnight and the air is cool, but not cold. I am, along with a couple handfuls of others, cruising through a Colorado mountain town. The sound of the guitar coming from the back of one of the bikes and the occasional bicycle bell are the only sounds I can hear melting into the peaceful dark silence. I know the ride is more meaningful to those who have spent so many times like these together, but as I look up to the stars, the moment jumps into my heart and captures me forever.

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